History of GFRC

in 1950 for the first time in the soviet Union and America research on the use of steel fibers in concrete was the result of research indicates that reducing the stress concentration at the twig had arisen. Fiber Concrete, Which is called different names in the world and produces the several reinforcement such as glass fibers, aramid fibers, carbon valyaf are formed.

fiber concrete, a material ftryn prmsr srdsyrnzyr in north America, Canada and some countries European. the Use of fiber concrete and several bridges have been very popular in japan and europe it used to be. Particularly in Japan becuase of corrosion resistant fiber concrete in bridge and Walls are used. Many universities around the world are trying to use and develope these knowledge of the construction industry.

What is GFRC?

<> Glass fiber reinforced concrete or prefabricated parts, the front cover of the world’s newest methods goes. Hha design and manufacture the parts in various colors and can be installed on the façade, the design and materials used in these components are such that the coating is suitable for use in building facades. It covers the climatic factors such as wind, rain, sun, and the stresses caused by the earthqueek and almost every idea that architecture can be performed.

The use of these materials in the front, in a 45-year history, development of new production techniques and materials, generations more modern façade of this type are available.

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