Considering the ever increasing demand for high-tech and modern building materials for door, windows and facade, a group of expert engineers gathered together in 2006 and Saytal Sakht was established, aiming to achieve the optimum quality, novelty and elegance in façade construction industry.
As an exceptionally advanced company, with support of highly educated team which all have been recruited through effective personnel selection methods, Saytal Sakht has executed remarkable projects across the country with its strongest presence in Kish Island and Tehran, the metropolitan city of Iran.
Saytal Sakht, as one of the pioneer contractors of façade in Iran, is honored to have top standing working experience with mega projects including malls, hotels, airports and high-rise residential buildings. Delivering the most desirable and distinct outcomes in terms of quality, Saytal Sakht has been selected on that ground as the premium brand of the year in 2015. The legacy of this selection is assuredly to be carried out for many new opportunities to come
Focused on its research and development approaches, Saytal Sakht provides its greatly valued customers with wide range of groundbreaking technologies, products, designs and execution options that are innovative, effective and as environmentally compatible as possible.
Under its partnership agreements with various brands from all over the world, Saytal Sakht imports modern western products and after designing, assembling and execution, a unique performance is delivered to customers.

Since Saytal Sakht effort for better performance is propelled by its belief in high standards, the company would be honored to have any unique opportunity seized and prove the truth behind the motto that “ It is the quality that matters“.

Saytal Sakht company owns a manufacturing unit in 20000 m2 plant located  in industrial area of Hashtgerd , which is equipped with modern technology which are at disposal of experienced human resources. The activity of this plant can be defined as below:

Produce of assembled parts of modern façade ( capacity  of 10000 m²)

Produce of assembled parts GFRC  ( capacity of 10000 m²)

The required elements for the execution of the projects are either supplied by local or international providers. This is also to consider that all technical and engineering calculations and supports delivered by Saytal Sakht technicians under the supervision and approval of international engineering companies like Werner Sobek , Knippers and Emre Istikam .

Saytal sakht company with its continuous efforts has created a great presence In Iran market to the extent of having 70% of the domestic market. Saytal has been able to reach the considerable turnover threshold of 500 milliard Toman (Iranian common currency) . This is in addition to creating 700 employment opportunities who are working on these on these projects

Premium Brand of the year in engineering and execution of façade 2015-2016 

The commendation award is given to the one of the companies engaged in aluminum and facade industry through comprehensive selection and appraisal methods, every two years.

Saytal Sakht is honored to be selected as the premium brand of the year by Aluminum syndicate of Iran in an international aluminum conference for years of 2015-2016